Things to avoid before a pelvic exam

Pelvic exams are very crucial for health and making sure that your medical condition is going on in the right way especially when it comes to urinary incontinence treatment Dubai. But before you could leave for the clinic, here are some things which you must consider avoiding for better examination and results of the problem without getting a hindrance factor in between.

  • Avoid contraceptive gels or pills

This is something very important because there are many different contraceptive gels or pills which can cause irritation and redness to the area which can be easily mistaken by the doctor for some other symptom to a disease. You must avoid this at all costs so that there is no confusion between the different symptoms and conditions.

  • Avoid sex

Pelvic exam can be highly affected and manipulated by the sexual intercourse which you would have had as the sperm’s alkaline value can affect vaginal pH which can cause distortion and misguidance in the results. Using protection such as condom can also not be effective in these cases because the frictional rubbing could traumatize the mucosa and increase the inflammation. But if you have performed sex then we would recommend informing your gynaecologist about it prior to the exam.

  • Don’t go overboard with intimate hygiene

You don’t have to all dress up for your gynaecology appointment just because they will be examining your area down there. They don’t care about the smoothness of legs or even bikini line because this is not something which concerns them. They are just there for the business and not to judge you. Even though some sort of feminine hygiene can be helpful but don’t override it with different products.

  • Removing pubic hair isn’t a must

As mentioned above, your intimate hygiene is your personal concern and it shouldn’t matter what you do but there is often a question raised which concerns the hair removal. Well, hair removal is more about your personal aesthetic choice rather than the hygiene concern. As long as you are maintaining your personal hygiene a good way, hair should not be a topic of concern in pelvic exam.

It is common to be nervous and scarred about it but before the exam, make sure you bond with your gynaecologist is friendly enough to not be shy or afraid to talk about different kinds of things.

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