How to select the best oil?

There are different kinds of oils are available which you can get for your car and also if you have some other vehicles then you can use the marine lubricants or marine heavy fuel oil but the main thing is that you need to buy according to the type of your vehicle. If you do not have the knowledge then you can ask from the experts as no one will want to damage their vehicle which they buy with so much investment. You need to see that which kind of oil or lubricant will be best for your engine and before buying you need to know about the different properties of lubricants which are as follows:

Consistency: Some of the lubricants are too thin that they will drip down if not applied carefully and some of the others are very thick that you have to apply that with the tools and they do not drip at all. Sometimes engine need the first one which is runny and sometimes it needs the thicker one so you need to consult a good engine professional and avoid doing this on your own as you may give the opposite kind of lubricants than needed and your engine will not work properly after that.

Elements: You need to see the elements in your lubricant because your engine will need some specific kinds of elements at a certain time. If you are going to use it only for some of the parts then the elements should be different than the one which you use for your engine because the parts will work outside the engine in the open air, they will get in contact with dirt particles, water and other things so they need a different lubricant. Your workshop worker will know better about it so you have to ask from them.

Price: You need to understand that the price range will vary according to the elements of a lubricant and the consistency it has. You should avoid the price range when you are going to get something for your car no matter you need that for the engine or any other part because all of the parts are equally important in the car. If any of the part even the smaller one will not work properly then your car will not give its best performance.