5 Killer Team Building Ideas That Employees Will Love

The Human Resource Department faces the burden of making sure that the employees are happy and contented. This department plans everything – from designing attractive compensation packages to planning an effective corporate team building in Dubai.

If you feel that you are running out of ideas to get the employees together, here are some ideas that will surely make your employees participate:

  1. Eating out together

Most of the time, employees eat their lunch alone or with their peer group. This make the interaction limited and one way. If you want to break this cycle once in a while, why not organize a company lunch out or dinner once a month. This kind of activity is very easy to organize. You can simply order food for everybody in the office or book a table on a restaurant. When the upper management is eating with the staff, it shows that they are willing to level with their employees. This would make them feel valued.

  1. Sports fests

When employees are sitting all day for the rest of the work week, it can be detrimental for their health. To break this cycle, consult with event planners in Dubai to organize a fun and engaging sports fests for the employees. This idea is ideal, especially for big groups and multi-department team building. You can group people from different departments to help introduce employees from different departments.

  1. Enrolling in classes

This idea is excellent for small groups and teams. If you want to widen your employee’s knowledge, it would be best if you can book them for a class. You need to pick a course that will help further your employees’ skills and use their newly-found knowledge in work and in their personal lives. But also, be sure that the course is something that they can enjoy while they are learning.

  1. Going for a brain adventure

When you want to pick you and your team’s brains and also experience a thrilling adventure, try to book an escape room game. This will test your team’s teamwork and ability to solve problems in a timely fashion.

  1. Volunteer for a cause

If you feel that your team is lacking in the community service department, then why not volunteer and invite the whole team over? This is one of the ways of getting back to your community, and also gets the employees together to serve a fruitful cause.