5 Living Room Design Tips For Small Spaces

When you are dealing with limited space, it is hard to make interior design decisions to make your home look elegant and stunning, especially your living room. But experts in home interior design in Dubai believe that is it possible to do it.

If you are thinking how you can spice up your small living room, here are some simple things that you can do:

  1. Create a mood

The first thing that interior designers do when creating a concept for a space is to create a mood board. This would help them to create the right vibe. You can also do the same. Before you start shopping for home furnishings, be sure to create a mood that you think would complement your personal style and would also make the room look bigger. Interior designers suggest to set a brighter mood in the space. Dark hues can make the space look smaller than it already is.

  1. Create a focal point

Some homeowners think that it is impossible to create a focal point due to space limitations. But it is possible. You just need to find a corner where in you put your design accents and will be the focused of the entire space. And it doesn’t have to be a big space. You either choose wall where you can design to be a focal point.

  1. Make the space conversational

Some homeowners settle for straight home layouts, thinking that it doesn’t really matter. But it does affect the ambiance of the space. The straight layout can make the space look cold and icy. To resolve the issue, you can adjust the layout of the space by making the layout look conversational. Make the chairs face each other as though people are talking.

  1. Make your lighting look inviting

A poorly-lighted space can make your home look grubby and small. During daytime, open up your windows to let the natural light in. But if you don’t have windows in your living room, try to compensate with lighting fixtures. Just make sure that the space is adequately lighted.

  1. Bring out your collection

If you have some stunning collectibles, bring it out and show it to the world. Prized collection is a very excellent design accent and it can also add personality to your space.

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