6 reasons to hire a good exhibition company

Are you looking for good exhibition companies in Dubai? You need to know that they provide great assistance as they offer unique exhibition stands with designing ideas to their corporate clients to create their brand’s image into the minds of the customers

A good exhibition stall designer highlights the brand personality in a unique way and also provides skilled staff to support the businesses with their event needs and requirements.

It’s essential to choose a good exhibition company that can provide quality services within affordable rates. Therefore, several people consider quality and price before making the right decision.

Many business owners also look for corporate gift companies in Dubai to boost the brand’s image successfully while appreciating the employees and guests in a good manner.

That’s why we have come up with a list of 6 reasons to hire a good exhibition company to help people understand more about their importance and value.

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  1. Designing Stalls

They provide complete assistance in designing and constructing the stalls according to the requirements of the people. They also help you to plan out your event by offering the right range of services as per the event needs.

  1. Additional Services

They also provide additional services like delivering the exhibition stands on time while using their own means of transportation. They understand the needs of their customers in a better way.

  1. Designing Stands

They also help in providing stand designing services as they have a team of professionals who have better ideas and knowledge about the corporate world. They’ll create a unique design that reflects your brand’s image and identity in a clear way so your clients can relate to your brand at a deeper level.

  1. Professional Staff

They have a team of professionals and experts who know how to do their jobs. From designing and constructing to providing extra care, they know how to attract customers and carry out advertising activities during the show.

  1. Creative Ideas

They provide several creative ideas on how to execute proper marketing strategies and marketing goals and how to design an exhibition stand that represents the image of the business in a proper way.

  1. Prompt Services

They provide prompt services and ensure their timely delivery so that you don’t have to worry about unfinished work and delay in their services.

Doing the needful – Time to go digital

With so much happening online from ordering pizza to brand new apparel, the productivity is for all to see. With this much said and done, it should be clear now that digital marketing companies in Dubai offer you the best solution for marketing products. The promising marketer will ensure you results and you will see them in real time. Don’t be surprised as it will happen and you will be briefed using pie charts and graphs. The SEO team will not only plan the entire campaign, it will keep a track of its standing in each search engine and will let you know if and when you ask. A quick look around online will let you see that digital marketing is everywhere. Wherever you see a website, including yours, you will likely see digital marketers busy serving customers all over the city. Now that you know how these proficient companies will serve your business needs, it is time to know what to look for in one before hiring. Keep in mind that digital marketing brings benefits to your business that you may not get by any other form of marketing.


For instance, your digital marketer will ensure that you end up paying less money compared to other forms of marketing, including those involving electronic as well as print media. Try comparing the two if you like and you will find out that the difference between discuss forms of marketing is in fact more than what many think.


While other forms of marketing may have a regional reach at best, the digital marketing is the only form of marketing that has a global reach. That quality should motivate you to hire the digital marketing agency. Some of you may feel a little shaky knowing that it is a relatively new form of marketing. For those, the notion that more than 60% businesses around the world trust digital marketing for promoting their business to the world. People from every corner of the planet will show interest in your product and plenty of those will place orders. That said, it is likely that you will get more sales online through unconventional platforms like social media. Linking sales oriented social media platforms.

The SEO company will do the process and utilize all forms of platforms including social media to make things work for your business. All you need to do is to look for a proficient digital marketing company to help achieve your goals.

Starting a business in Dubai – Know this first

In case you are planning to start a business in Dubai, there are several things you should look for. First of all, it makes sense to think about business in this part of the world for a number of reasons. One of the initial things to note is that you will likely find a number of business set up companies in UAE so there are plenty of options available. Though it is up to you to choose a company that you find suitable for your needs, you might need to spend more time finding one that you initially thought. Why would that be the case? Well, to start with things, it is important as you will likely try to find companies that may help you establish the business.  With that in mind, you should start planning the fundamentals of your business. First of all, one needs to know about what to do to get started.

Getting started

Of course, you not being a native of UAE may have to face trouble in setting up the business. There are several things to look out for. First of all, you need to be present at the location during the entire process. Then, you need to keep a check on things as the process nears completion. Keep in mind that the process may take longer than usual and if it does, you should remain patient and not become panic. Here is more on this so continue reading and stay focused:

Finding the service

While you are busy planning your business in UAE, you need to keep several things in mind. First of all, you need to find the service that has been around for a while. The service should have enough understanding of the market. In other words, the business setup company should be familiar with the basics of doing business in the country. With that said, it is equally important to keep the basics in mind and stick to your business plan. Note that the business setup companies will likely help you with a number of things but your decision should final. In other words, the service at your disposal will likely follow your instructions and mix it with their skills and expertise. The final outcome will likely achieve your business goals.

Maintain focus

You must not lose your focus for a single moment else you might end up facing difficulties. Remember, your business setup company is there to help you but still, it will not do it all on its own. Your input and effort during Dubai LLC company formation will be dearly needed.

Ways to enhance the security of your premises

Are you looking to beefing up the security of your promises? If so, no that’s it is the best time to do it. Keeping up the security up to modern standard it’s a great idea for a number of reasons. First of all, it is going to allow your premises no security without compromising access. Tools like access control solution in Abu Dhabi then only help securing your business further. Truth to be told, enhancing the security of your premises is perhaps the best decision you took in years. After all, nothing is more important than securing your business premises. It is the sole source of earning for you as well as your employees which is why it makes sense to keep it as secure as possible. With that in mind, improving the security also offers some other benefits. For example, it creates a positive reputation for your company in the market. Note that every business has a reputation, and if yours as a good one, chances are that your business will prosper in no time. In other words, cutting edge security solutions you had invested into will likely help your business gain a positive reputation in the industry. Here is more on this, so continue reading and pay attention to why security is so important:


Modern business solutions are very versatile which is why they become almost instantly popular in the industry. From access control Cctv camera systems, every cutting edge security solution will likely help enhance the security of your place. Even more important is to know the fact that none of these solutions of overly expensive. In other words, you can buy them at a very nominal price.


Getting it is extremely easy as this form of security is widely available across the world today. The systems can be bought off the shelf from literally any nearby store. Suffice to say that you will like me have no difficulty in purchasing these systems. With that said, you must do some research before investing in security systems.


About purchasing security solutions, you must read the manual. Also, make sure you ask the technical guys about how to use the system optimally. This is important so pay attention and ask all the relevant questions. It will only help you and your premises. In the meantime, do consider Cctv installation companies in Abu Dhabi and make sure to find the one that fits your needs near perfectly.

4 Recruitment Hacks That Will Get You The Top Candidates

Recruitment is a complicated task. You need to ensure that you get the right candidate for the position and provide your company a constant supply of candidates to fill vacant posts. When your company’s hiring process is on track, there will be fewer delays in business operations and the business can reached its goals faster than expected.

But getting the right hires is not always the case for companies. There will be times when scouting seems to take forever. If this happens too often, there hiring hacks from the best recruitment firms in Dubai might be of help:

  1. Learn about candidate experience

Recruitment is almost the same as courting potential buyers and customers, you need to give them the best experience so they will be more enthusiastic to be part of your team. Some companies invest on creating the best candidate experience – from showing the candidates what the company can offer to letting them experience what it is like to be part of the team. Be sure to device a program for applicants and candidates and make it as creative and compelling as possible.

  1. Learn to use modern tools

Technology is considered a game-changer in recruitment. A lot of large enterprises are using technology like applications and programs to streamline their recruitment process and keep their human resources updated. You can also do the same, even though you are a small-scale business. Just check what recruitment programs and apps you can utilize for your recruitment.

  1. Learn how to write better job descriptions

Candidates today are very cautious when applying for a job. They tend to do background checks on a target company and read job description thoroughly. So when you are posting advertisements for vacant positions, be sure to make your job description detailed and compelling. By doing this, you are providing candidates an overview about the job they are going to take should they decide to push through with their application.

  1. Learn to communicate your employee proposition

Apart from writing compelling job descriptions, you also need to master the art of selling your employee value proposition. Once you reached the employment negotiation phase, you need to show the candidates what your company can offer in terms of career advancement, compensation, benefits, and company culture. Be sure to be convincing and engaging to make your candidates believe what you are saying.

Hop over to this website for more recruitment tips.

Why you should setup your business in RAK free zone

A beautiful combination of modernization and traditions impress many who visit UAE. Modern infrastructure, well developed urban areas, skyscrapers, festivals, well maintained beaches, countless tourist attractions and shopping sprees, UAE has everything that is required to make it one of the hottest holiday destinations in the world. A strong and diverse economy that is expanding with each passing day is opening doors for new opportunities for the entrepreneurs and businesses from around the world to choose UAE for the expansion of their business.

Things were not like the same since always. UAE has displayed inspirational struggle to achieve what it is today. Determination and efforts to become a strong nation has transformed UAE from desert into the jewel of Middle East. Effective trade policies and investment friendly economic regulations are attracting business to put their share in UAE  markets. For this purpose, all seven Emirates of UAE are adopting new and innovative ideas to facilitate those who are looking for an offshore company formation in Dubai or in any other rapidly developing Emirate.

If truth be told, a majority of foreign investors choose free zones to setup their business. Dubai was the first emirate that introduced free trade zones in UAE. Today there are dozens of free zones throughout UAE to provide unmatched facilities to businesses. Although each free zone is an autonomous authority with its own set of rules and regulations, but all of these offer special relaxations in taxes and duties along with many other benefits for the foreign investors.

One of the fastest growing of these free zones is Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone or RAK FTZ. With fast and hassle free company formation, state of the art infrastructure and countless benefits RAK free zone has already attracted thousands of businesses successfully. RAK free zone offers a number of options for a startup that suits for everyone from a small and medium enterprise to high end industries.

Ajman free zone company formation provides you with the 100% ownership and complete authority on your business. Whether your business needs a well developed warehouse or you can run it from a flexi desk, RAK free zone will provide you with everything for the smooth operations of your business.370 Moreover, RAK free zone is a tax free jurisdiction that also has no import/export duties to provide best opportunities for businesses that helps businesses grow fast and steady.

Got a Low Budget? Here’s How You Can Run A Business With Limited Funds!

Running a business on a low budget is one of the major challenges that entrepreneurs face. The ideal scenario for an entrepreneur is for him to start a business and have sufficient amounts of money for aggressive expansion and growth. However, a limited budget should not stop you from running your business successfully. All that you need here is a strategic business plan and you would see the cash flowing in.

Discard your thoughts of a fancy office for a while
When business owners are on a limited budget, they need to let go of their thoughts of having an amazing office with all the works once they’ve acquired their llc company formation in dubai. You really do not need a huge setup right away. Wait till the money starts coming in and then you can go for all the fancy workings that you want at work. If your business is more on the outdoor side, try renting out a small portion at a flea market and save money on rent. Hit the mall once you start rolling in the bills! On the legal side, you can save quite a bit of money by setting up your business as a proprietorship. Do not run your business as a corporation, considering that it takes up quite a lot of money in terms of taxes.

No lavish spending allowed!
If the budget set for your business is rather tight, than you must make sure that it is not spent on luxuries. Operation and management of your business needs to be very restricted. You need to avoid long-distance phone calls that are not really needed, wasting resources and supplies and basically just dolling out the money without giving anything a thought. Money is precious particularly when it is limited. Spend it only on things that just cannot be ignored.

Are the services or products that you offer in demand?
Think over your products and services when you offshore company formation in dubai. Are they really in demand or is there something that you can offer to your customers that would draw them to you? When on a limited budget, there is no place for trial and error. Do not venture into products and services that would be a mere experiment. Offer services that are totally in demand and market it in such a way (of course within financial restraints!) that they grab the attention of your target audience, Do not take risks, you cannot afford it for now!

Facilities of warehouses available in Dubai for storage

For the companies who require the self-storage for their inventory and it is decided and imposed by the warehouse owners. For this purpose the owners should be aware of the latest market rates. In coming years, that will be mandatory to have the storage space available for inventories, in order to reduce the costs involved with data warehousing and to analysis data more effectively and efficiently.

Once there are plenty of modernized warehouses available with modern facilities, obviously the charges will be increased as well. There is a need to understand the basic cost even it is through third party. There are three categories which defined the basic costs of warehouses whenever needs to calculate.

  1. The general overhead costs which includes the cost of per cubic sq. foot space and mortgage rent, utilities and taxes imposed on property. This also includes the cost of racks, equipment, tables utilized at staging areas. Any security devices costs also included in this and equipment used for material handling, document shredding services, depreciations plus the shrinkage or repairing cost.
  2. The delivery cost is another type of basic cost which includes the freight charges from outbound vendors. This includes the gas/petrol cost, delivery trucks and insurance costs. These are based of negotiation time involved and selection of required vendor plus charges of shipping documentation preparations.
  3. Last is the labor cost which is essential part of basic cost. This includes the good received, entering the data into the computers and allocating the warehouses where need to dump the incoming goods. The time required to transfer the goods from shipping to pallet is included in this. So these all make the general labor costs and warehouse owners should be aware about the estimates.

If you are living in dubai and have a business which needs the warehouses so you must know about the best vendors available who can provide you warehouse for storage in Dubai without much hassle and owner should give you good facilities with the reasonable charges or costs. You should also know about the costs included in the basic costs of warehouses so you can choose the best option.  Taking the decision to have good warehouse which might be nearest to the site of your business and sea ports could help you to save so many running costs as well as time to travel from one location to another.

Benefits you can derive from an outsourcing company

Surely you are aware of the term outsourcing as it is widely used. Nowadays more and more companies are looking forward to outsource their work. Be it multimillion giants like IBM or Nokia, all of them are outsourcing things in different ways. After all it is very beneficial for them. They reap uncountable benefits of outsourcing the work.

You don’t like to spend your bucks on the unnecessary things, do you? If you don’t, then outsourcing is the best option for you. The world is going through a financial crisis and now businesses needs to cut the cost on various things. You can’t cut the cost by providing the things of poor quality because ultimately you will lose your potential customers. To save your money you can outsource the important tasks.

There are several IT outsourcing companies in UAE that can easily help you if you take them on-board. Companies need to understand that outsourcing helps them in understanding better about their core competencies. It is not like that there is only one advantage of outsourcing, there are many advantages of outsourcing some of them are

Enjoy the low cost

Yes, that’s true! You save your cost big time! You don’t need to hire employees and pay them every month for that chore you can simply cut the cot by outsourcing that work. You will get the expected results at quite low cost. Surely it is not easy to bear huge expenses so you can cut your expenses by outsourcing your work.

Increased efficiency at different levels

Your over all work efficiency surely increases if you consider outsourcing the work. Companies who like to handle everything on their own, be it research and development, marketing, customer service, distribution, logistics and many other things, usually end up bearing higher expenses and off-course since they do it all on their own the quality get reduce. Then as the outcome their customers remain unsatisfied and they end up losing their customers. A lot of people have tried outsourcing the work and it has always worked for them. If you too opt for it for sure you will see the efficient results. There are many tasks which you can outsource. Suppose if you want to hand over the recruitment procedure you can seek the service of any recruitment agency in Abu Dhabi. If you outsource your work you won’t even save cost but you will get the efficient results.

How to make your advertisement campaign effective

Ineffective advertisements are the worst investment ever made. They not only waste your money, leaving you substantially bankrupt, but also destroy the reputation of your product, making it appear less charming or even fake. Where ineffective campaigning has its flaws, a good one has enough merits worth trying for. According to the record, around 75% of the customers come to try the product solely after being influenced by good commercials, while only the remaining 25% become associated with the brand after hearing about it from friends or flipping through the user ratings.

Some easy tips to reward your efforts:

Many people put tremendous effort into advertising their products. They hire professionals and plaster ads everywhere from billboards to cyber world and even try SMS marketing in Dubai. Yet, the outcome isn’t as great as expected. In order to ensure that all the energy you put into striving for advertisement isn’t wasted, the following tips should be considered:

  1. Choose what sort of public you want to attract. You must be clear about who you want to work on and then focus on that portion of the population only. Decide the age group first of all and direct the advertisement accordingly. Use funky attire for young adults; also use Facebook and Twitter to reach to them. Next, pay heed to the language as many times use of foreign or improper language fails to convey the idea and the advertisement goes, more or less, to waste.
  2. Avoid the unnecessary information and focus solely on the positive features of your company. No matter how much you have to struggle, highlight the benefits of your company, its past experience and bestsellers. This will build the users’ confidence in your agency and will push them into trusting you enough to try the new product.
  3. Never stop advertising. Use as many modes of advertisement as you can. Get it printed in the newspapers, publish flyers to be distributed in front of cinemas or railway stations and hire online advertising agencies to keep the heat up online. The more means you utilize, the more the likelihood of reaching the target public. This however is not the only approach, you have to filter the content of each and every add carefully otherwise the number of ads will be nothing less than a stigma for your reputation.
  4. Decide a logo or a copyright image for your product, making it easier for you to advertise it and for people to recognize it. People are more likely to remember visual images and can easily relate to it when a similar picture pops up in future.

Spend the money at the right time. Set your priorities. Though advertising is no doubt the first step, it is nevertheless the only step that needs to be taken. Don’t hesitate to spend on it but don’t outrun your budget. Keep enough cash for future prospects like developing sequels, etc. Also, do not invest on commercials when the time is right for funding other projects. For more information, please visit http://www.smsmarketing.ae.

Registering a company in Dubai: How easy is it really?

The Dubai Company Act, in a majority of cases, deems it necessary for foreign investors to have a local partner with the majority interest. However, foreigners can fully own companies in free zones, which is why most people show an interest in Dubai freezone company formation.

If anything, requirements for company registrations tend to differ from case to case. This particularly depends on the type of company that you are interested in opening. The different types of companies that can be set up in Dubai include:

– partnerships

– limited liability companies

– branch offices

– private and public joint stock companies

– subsidiaries

– free zone establishments

– free zone limited liability companies


Foreign investors need to take the following requirements into consideration when setting up a company in Dubai:

– shareholding structure

– minimum share capital requirements

– business licensing requirements

As per the Commercial Law, there is no need for limited liability companies to deposit a minimum share capital prior to registration. For this reason, the shareholders have complete control over the amount required for them to attain their business goals.

Now, the different types of business licenses issued by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) are:

– Professional licenses

Industrial licenses

Commercial or trade licenses

Other requirements for opening a company in Dubai

There are a few other requirements that need to be fulfilled by investors who are interested in opening a company in Dubai. These are inclusive of:

– An operational corporate bank account

– Ensuring that all native workers are registered with the Ministry of Labor

– Ensuring that all native workers are registered with the social security authorities

– Drafting and getting the company memorandum notarized

– Drafting and getting the company’s articles of association notarized

Differences between offshore and on-shore companies in Dubai

There are different procedures and requirements for opening an on-shore and an offshore company in Dubai. The basic differences between both are:

– There are no special requirements or limitations as such for offshore companies in terms of owners and shareholders of the company

– Onshore companies are not allowed to retain full foreign ownership. This means that the company must be sponsored by a local

– UAE offshore companies do not pay corporate tax, whereas onshore ones have several tax obligations

– Offshore companies are not allowed to function within UAE, while onshore companies do business within UAE

For more information about setting up a business in Dubai, make sure that you get in touch with us at crosslink.ae right now!