Want to avoid disputes? Follow the rules

People often provide their extra space to other on rent in order to get some extra money. They will provide their space and in return get some pre-determined amount. Many times there comes a rental dispute Dubai between the landlord and the paying guest. To avoid and solve these disputes there should be some rules to follow. Some of these rules you can see here:

Paper work: First of all there should be proper paper work before you allow anyone to enter in to your property. If you do not follow this rule then in case of any mishap, law will not favor you because it is the obligation of the land lord to get all the papers ready and take signs of the paying guest on them. Paying guest should read all the documents carefully and if he finds any glitch in them then he should not accept them and ask to change the clauses which he dislikes. If he finds the documents all set then he should sign them and then pay as determined.

Rent and duration: It is important to set a pre-determined amount which the paying guest has to pay every month. If he fails to pay for more than three months then you have the right to take action against him and this should also be written in the rental deed. Duration of rent should also be mentioned. Land lord has no right to kick off the paying guest before that set duration and if he does so then it is the right of the paying guest that he can file a complaint against the land lord. After the termination of the set duration, both parties can renew the agreement with mutual consent or end it.

Arbitrator: If there comes a dispute between both parties then before going to the law it is better to go to an arbitrator from chartered accountant firm in Dubai. Arbitrator is the third party which offers different solutions to the problem and of both parties agreed to one of the solution then there will be no need to go to the court. If a case goes to the court the it will take lot of time to solve and a huge amount of money so going to the arbitrator is always a best solution.