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It is undeniable that pet parents love their fur babies very much. They would do anything to make them comfortable. Whenever possible, they bring them along on vacations or business trips. When they can, they bring their pets into the posh hotels in which they choose to stay. If the pet parent can afford the accommodation, there is no question that the pet concerned should enjoy the down time as well.

Almost all countries have high-end hotels that suit the expensive tastes of both pet parent and pet. Paris has The Castille on Rue Cambon. Fort Lauderdale, Florida has Ritz-Carlton. Pets can enjoy the attention of the concierge, custom-made meals and treats from the hotel’s kitchen, and of course, luxury bedding courtesy of the housekeeping department. High-end hotels are now realizing how important some pets are to their owners. That is why they keep up with the demand of being pet friendly.

High-end hotels are following this trend with much enthusiasm. They do not settle for merely tolerating the presence of the pets. They now go as far as enticing pet owners to bring their pets so they can enjoy their specially designed pet amenities. About sixty percent of the hotels in the United States are now accepting and catering to pets as of 2014. When we talk about the expensive luxury hotels, such as W, Loews and Kimpton, eighty percent open their arms for the four-legged babies of the rich.

Kimpton has their own Directors of Pet Relations that are also dogs and cats. These directors are free to roam around the expensive establishment. The hotel also hosts wine receptions that are pet-friendly. When it is time to retire, the pets get their own loaner beds. You would think that this hotel would charge extra for each night the pet stays, but they do not.

W Hotels, on the other hand, charge 25 USD for every night the pet stays and a non-refundable 100 USD as fee for cleaning after the four-legged guest. It may be 125 USD extra, but your beloved pet receives complimentary floor mats, “Pet-in-Room” door signs, turn down treats, food bowls, water bowls, and toys.

The Loews Hotels give pets full indulgent welcome packages that include custom room service menus and chef-made treats and meals. The actual costs depend on which Loews Hotels you check into. Generally, the hotel charges a service fee or overnight stay fee of 25 USD. If you want to have your pet enjoy the surfing lessons, prepare to shell out 80 USD per hour.

The author of Pet Market Outlook and a known analyst in New York, George Puro, says that the dominant trend in the accommodation industry is the fact that pets are like family members in every sense. Pet parents want to do everything with them, including traveling. Kennels are not what they want for their fur babies.

The privileged pet parents and their pets comprise a large market and hotels just cannot ignore it. Sixty-five percent or seventy-nine million homes in the United States have pets. This is according to the National Pet Owners Survey by American Pet Products Association. Expensive hotels are answering the call of proper pet accommodations.