Not-So-Secret Storage for Small Spaces

If you are living in a teenie tiny apartment or sharing up a flat with housemates and space is not really a luxury, you need to be smart at where to put your belongings so you do not end up with a cluttered cave.


There are plenty of ready-made storage solutions like boxes and shelves from your local home or furniture stores. There are also companies that can offer short- and long-term storage services such as Partner Movers, one of the storage companies in Dubai. But there may be spaces inside your house that you can transform into additional storage before you even buy out new storage bins or pay for storage services.


Below are some of these not-so-secret storage spaces for places that really need them.


  1. That space above your cupboards.


Some cupboards do not touch the house ceiling. Sometimes, there are at least a foot left for space up in there and this is where you can store all the items that you barely use such as tools and carpentry kits. This is also the perfect place to hide in stuff that must be kept out of children’s reach like pesticides and other toxic aerosols. Just make sure that you do not have a pet cat that can go up and tumble on all those things or they may fall and end up hurting your family.


  1. That space under your bed.


Underbed space is one of the least maximized spaces in the house. If you have enough money to spare, you can get customized pull-out drawers. A budget alternative is to get those hard plastic cases with covers and these you can use as storage for your seasonal clothing, your bed sheets, and other bedroom linen.


  1. Or behind the headboard.


The bed’s headboard is sometimes created to occupy some width from the wall to the bed frame. In this case, you can customize your headboard to be hollow inside where you can store your umbrellas or even your valuables. This can be a good alternative for a safe as it is not an obvious storage space.


  1. Those spaces in between the steps of your stairs.


The staircase is one of the most ignored storage option at the house. There are plenty of spaces in between those staircase steps where you can put pull out drawers to. And where to best keep your shoes but the stairs drawers, right?


  1. Those floorboards.


Have you ever seen those movies where a character is looking for something valuable and he steps in on a floorboard and it creaks? So he gently knocks on it, discovers that it is hollow, and finds a secret storage underneath that loose floorboard? Well that is what we are picturing here. Underneath your floorboards you can create additional storage spaces to keep your seasonal or rarely-used-stuff in.


  1. That window seat.


And finally, while many homeowners like to put coffee table sets beside their windows, a better solution that offers storage space is window seat that has, yep you guessed it, storage. There are many window seats that has hollow spaces under the cushions or upholstery.


If you need some storage advice from a professional moving and storage company, contact Partner Movers, one of the reliable movers in UAE.

Rapid Changes in the Courier Industry that You Need to Know

Courier has been one of the oldest industry ever exist in the planet. Even before the name was coined, our ancestors had been delivering messages and goods from one place to another.  When the printing came to rise, the courier industry became aggressive as well. Of course, the method then was primitive as documents and goods need to be delivered by foot or by ship or galleons.

With the advent of new technology, courier companies have been making some drastic changes. Foot-service delivery, it now expanded to whole lot of services that individuals and businesses are taking advantage of.  For instance,  courier services in Dubai added a variety of offerings that would speed and streamlined the process of delivery. But how cutting-edge is the courier services compare to the old times?

  1. Speed

This is one of the notable upgrades that happened to the courier industry, thanks to the developments in transportation. With the constant evolution of automobiles and aircrafts, the courier industry was able to lessen the delivery time of goods and documents. It would just take a day for us to send or received items.

  1. Expanded Services

Back then, the only service that we can take advantage of is mails and goods delivery. To send a mail or a package, you had to go to a post office to arrange your booking. But courier companies added a number of services that would benefit their patrons like the door to door courier service and air freight cargo service. Nowadays, there is no need to drive all the way to the post office just to send something.

  1. Technology

The rise of telecommunication devices paved way for a more streamlined courier services. Back in the days, you need to allot time to process and arrange sending and delivery. Now with just one click, you can process your delivery bookings. You can even do it while eating, watching TV or working. All thanks to courier app and websites!

  1. Product and Business-based services

Primitive courier services had very little to offer to clients back then. Mostly, they just cater to individuals. But now, even businesses can benefit from your modern courier services. Most courier and shipping companies offer specialized delivery system to entrepreneurs who have unique delivery needs for their business.

  1. More to come

Like technology, there will be more upgrades and updates to come for the courier industry and it will continue to gain momentum in the years to come. One of the things that courier pioneers are looking into is crowdsourcing, wherein people will be deliver parcels in exchange for payment or rewards.

Expect improve delivery window and connectivity and aggressive route-planning to streamline the process of delivery.